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Transfer all the info on your phone via Bluetooth


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Certain smartphone manufacturers decide to block the transferral of some file types via Bluetooth in order to protect users. If you want to unblock this option, there are apps available like Bluetooth File Transfer, a tool that bypasses these restrictions and allows you to send any file with no problem.

The tool's interface is very basic: it has two tabs listing all the folders in your Android file tree in one of them and the devices connected to Bluetooth in the other. To send a file, you just have to select it from the documents list, and then choose who to send it to. And to link your device to another mobile, you just have to follow the normal procedure after activating Bluetooth on both devices.

Bluetooth File Transfer can also compress several files into one, which makes sending a bunch of documents and files a lot easier. It also comes with a widget that lets you activate Bluetooth without having to go through the whole settings menu.

Even though this app can't compare to similar ones that are already well-known, it's still a good option for transferring files between devices in a pinch.
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